Sports Event Coverage

Dr. Simon provides essential medical coverage for sporting and public events where there is a need for injury and medical care. He has provided host venues with primary emergency care to injured athletes and the public, orthopedic injury care and rehabilitation and the implementation of measures to prevent injuries and medical problems from arising. Furthermore, Dr. Simon offers strengthening and conditioning, prophylactic taping services as well as acute care.

Some of the services he has provided to athletes and teams include:

  • Advanced Emergency Care
  • On-Field Orthopedic Assessment & Care
  • Clinical Rehabilitation
  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Prehab
  • Specific Warm-Ups

Dr. Simon is available not only to provide first aid coverage at your event, he also has  skills and knowledge in the areas of sports taping, soft tissue injuries, nutrition and hydration, wound and fracture management. 


Dr. Simon is very experienced in the world of sports and events. Not only in stadiums or arena venues, but we also have experience with large-scale (city) events.